Mussel Rock Weather Conditions

DISCLAIMER: This website is beta. It is going to have bugs and bad data. Always use your personal judgement before flying. Check out the README for this website to get the most insight.

Mussel Rock - Longview Drive - KCADALYC1

This station is in rotor when wind is South, so data can be suspect. If Coyote is reporting significantly more wind, that is a good sign that this station is in rotor.

Mussel Rock - Coyote Weather Station - KCADALYC37

This station is next to Coyote launch. It's in rotor when the wind is North.

Pacifica - Sharp Park Beach - KCAPACIF205

This is a station is close to sea level.

Fort Funston - KCASANFR69

This station is higher than others, so it can be a good indicator of what the wind is doing up high.

Mussel Rock - 160 Northridge Drive

This station is near Green Monster, so it could potentially be useful for assessing flyability there.

I believe that this station isn't configured with the correct orientation, so I am offsetting the wind direction by 85 degrees. If you feel this needs to be tweaked, please let me know. But who knows maybe this station is just in rotor all the time.

Farallones Buoy

This buoy 20 miles off the coast of San Francisco can indicate future conditions.


Mussel Rock

The wind data in the left bottom corner is from the Sharp Park Beach sensor(which is quite good). The widget in the right bottom corner is data from AccuWeather, and should be ignored.

Fort Funston


The pier points directly West, so the flag should indicate which direction the wind is pointed. Also check for whitecaps.

More Pacifica webcams...


Mussel Rock Bowl

Fort Funston


If you have any feedback, I would be interested in hearing it. You can email me at RobertMParker [at] This dashboard is open source, and it's available here on GitHub. I'll take PRs if you want to change something.